If I met Britney Spears While Helping Save The World…

If I met Britney Spears it would be a dream.This woman is inspirational and has had an impact in the world and an impact in my life. She was born in a small town in Louisiana in 1981, and first started with the brainwashing of Disney channel.She then starts out in 1998 in the corrupted music industry with Jive Records . With her hit single “Baby One More Time” that was on the charts. Then in her third album she finishes her monarch programming (brainwashing) in the song ” I’m A Slave 4 U”. But in 2004 she amazes the world with her kiss with Madonna the Illuminati princess and now Britney is the new Illuminati princess along with Christina Aguilera.In 2007 she had a breakdown, with the shaving of her head. That was when she lost her brainwashing and was her real self. but the she went to “rehab” because her “controllers” wanted her to keep performing these songs.And, now this is the Britney we all know.

They must be destroyed

We will destroy the illuminati.

Brtitney Breaks free for a short time

Britney Spears after her breakdown.

If i met Britney I would invite her to a  secretive secure location,so we can’t be tracked by THEM. I would have fun with her and interview her. She could sing songs and I would dance to them. Then I would try to deactivate her Monarch Programming somehow. When and, if I succeed she will be free and can spend time with her family and friends. By doing this  we all will be closer to destroying the ILLUMINATI and their NEW WORLD ORDER.

If New York City is taken over by the NEW WORLD ORDER.

If only I really could meet Britney Spears to save her and have one more person on the side of freedom for the world. I really would do this you know if I had the supplies and courage (I really do have the courage to do so). I f you want to help me, save yourself, Britney, and the world then help me. Together we will save the world please share this with  everyone you know. THANK YOU FOR READING.

By kennethcruz

If I Met George Lucas…

If I could meet anyone and hang out with them for three days it would be George Lucas. I would want to meet George because he is my hero and he created Star Wars. By doing this I could get Star Wars “artifacts” and autographs. Now I would be at Skywalker Ranch with Lucas. I would take pictures of things and of his Star wars collections.

On the first day of my visit I would interview him. I would ask why he created Star wars and what was his inspiration.Then we would have a Star Wars movie marathon. Now if he could, he could make the Star Wars stars come and well you know This would actually take two days.

A picture of Lucas

George Lucas behind master jedi Yoda

So for day three I would probably just let him do what he wants to do, because I’ve controlled him for two days. Then I would go to the airport then on the airplane. I would be back in the DMV in 6-10 hours. Then  I would be on WordPress blogging on what had happend.

By kennethcruz

Soccer One Of The Greatest Sports Ever

One of the greatest sports ever in my opinion is soccer.This industry generates $800,000,000 a year in revenue! This sport is the most popular in the world except in the United States. The greatest soccer player ever in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo and he belongs to the team Real Madrid, a Spanish league in Spain. There are games against cities, countries, schools, colleges,clubs, and more.Therefore not only is it used for teams but everyone can get a ball and kick it for his, or her entertainment.

soccer pictures!!



Now, officially soccer started in a tavern in London, England.During this time the rules of the game were being written.In short time it went from an English thing to a world to a worldwide phenomenon. Every country in the world has a soccer team representing them,no matter wealth or literacy rate.It’s a great sport.And it’s adored by billions of people.

Even though I love this sport doesn’t mean you have to love it. You can love baseball or basketball. If you want to love a sport I would support soccer. I love sports. I will always like soccer. Thank you for reading.

By kennethcruz

Americans Have Rights!!!

Now first and foremost as an American citizen you have guaranteed rights. The first amendment of the U.S. constitution is my favorite “freedom wise”. In it you the citizen are promised rights that make the United States a great country. Without these rights our country may have not flourished into what it is today. Every American citizen can exercise these rights whenever and where ever they want to (except in school). Others CANNOT take away your rights.

            You have freedom of speech which is very useful to everyone. With this you can, write, or draw what ever you want and no one can stop you. You also have freedom of religion which means you can worship whatever you want to worship. You don’t have to worship anything too. Another aspect of the U.S. constitution is the freedom of the press which means that you can write whatever you want without censorship. Also you have the right to assemble peacefully which means that you can protest or march in a peaceful manner.

All of these rights are promised to you, the American citizen by the U.S. constitution. And only U.S. citizens can use these rights. Also having these rights means standing up for or defend your rights, especially in the times close to the New World Order. Hopefully you have just learned something new. Thank you for reading until next time.

By kennethcruz

Achievments I Wish To Accomplish In Life

Through hard work, and great determination I can achieve my dream. It all starts here at Meridian especially in the middle school. I will then try to go to School without Walls here in DC for high school. There I will do extra curriculum activities for good colleges to see my talent. By doing this in high school you I will get a scholarship to Miami University. So in life education matters the most because you can get a career with a high salary.

Once I am in college I will take all available time to study for my classes. After I graduate start to look for work in what I will study. After I start my career I will make great sums of money. After a few months of working I will get a girlfriend. Then my girlfriend and I will take a trip to Israel. We will then get married with my girlfriend after a year and a half of dating her.

After marriage we will get a nice big house in the suburbs of Dallas. We will then have two children, and I will teach the about what I did to become successful. As I get older I will give my family my money. After my children go to college my wife and I will live in our big house. Then we will go and live the rest of our days in retirement home. That is the conclusion for this blog. Thank you for reading.

By kennethcruz

I Made A Fatale Mistake And Learned From It

Once I made a huge mistake on a school project. I thought projects were optional. So here is my story. In the third grade I was given a school project by my teacher. So I didn’t worry about the project for a couple of weeks. Until my teacher told us that the non-optional project was due the next day. I started to freak out and stress out a lot.

So that night I thought about what I was going to do a lot to try and cover this up. By the time I was done thinking I went to sleep at 3 am. So due date I walked in the class and I told my teacher the truth. She was so nice she called my mom to tell her what I have done at school. Then I got an extra four days to do the project. Thank God she was so generous.

When my due date came I got an A- and my mother was so proud of my grade. So as I begin to close off I learned lesson. My lesson was that projects are not optional. So today I usually do great on school projects. So then on I received a little too much help but that’s another story. So that’s the mistake I made and learned from . Signing off Kenneth Cruz-Flores

By kennethcruz